Community Career Speakers

Community Career Speakers is a CEC initiative which links volunteers representing various sectors and careers with opportunities to share their insights with local students. We are currently seeking support to pilot this initiative in the region and have limited availability. As always, we will do our best to coordinate presentations and speakers on a first-come basis.

The goal of this project is to add value to our community by providing youth with valuable insights and inspiration as they plan for happy and productive futures. Through our presentations and speaker bureau we will provide the missing link of information around relevant employment trends, exciting opportunities, local programs and prospective careers which are trending in Canada and in our region to offer the most opportunities for youth entering the workforce.  Our focus is on highlight local employers and employment trends which can assist youth as they make important decisions around future education and career pathways. We are  eager to highlight underrepresented workforce groups as well as identifying skills gaps reported by local employers. By making these connections, youth will be better prepared to pursue employment where they have the best odds of finding opportunities and fulfilling careers.

FOR EDUCATORS: Whenever possible, CEC will arrange to have a facilitator present to deliver our Hot Jobs/Cool Careers presentation (15 min) as an introduction to Community Career Speaker presentations. This intro provides students with an understanding of how understanding workforce trends is useful when making important decisions about future education, training and career pathways. Hot Jobs and Community Career Speakers can also be a good fit for school parent nights, career days and other events in schools or the greater community. If you are an educator interested in booking a classroom workshop, arranging Community Career Speakers or receiving assistance with contacts for your school career event, please contact us here.

Volunteers interested in participating as Community Career Speakerscan add your name to our database through the list below.  Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used to contact you about opportunities to speak in classrooms or to contribute to career events at local schools.  You will have the opportunity to volunteer based on your own interests and availability.


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What is the main focus of your current career that you would speak about?
Is there a previous sector/career that you would also mention during your presentation?
Will you be sharing interested on education or training needed to gain careers in your sector or specific to your own career path?