Thrive in the Workplace


Thrive in the Workplace is a workplace wellness initiative offering workshops and support for students, employees, supervisors, teachers, and employers on managing workplace stress. Thrive will provide highly valuable training around the unique stressors faced by front-line customer service staff. This project will provide support to ensure that the large number of youth entering the workforce in frontline customer service or client service jobs are equipped with information and tools to deal with sector-specific stress  and common workplace challenges.

Why bring Thrive to your workplace?

The launch of resources will include free training for managers, supervisors, teachers and service providers in-person and through webinars.  Training will be delivered directly to audiences of employees, program participants, and students currently employed in front line service jobs or who could otherwise benefit from the resources provided.  

By supporting employees with effective coping strategies for dealing with workplace stress, you can:

  • Support the mental health and well-being of your staff

  • Improve communication

  • Increase team morale

  • Help employees to feel more supported, confident and prepared to do their jobs

  • Decrease absenteeism

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase profit margins

  • Increase customer satisfaction

For more information please contact:

Samantha Pascoal
Project Coordinator

Thrive in the Workplace has been made possible by:
The Ministry of Labour
Occupational Health, Safety and Prevention Innovation Program