Career Pathways Guelph-Wellington

Career Pathways is an interactive career fair that is offered to all grade 8 students in Guelph to showcase potential future career paths. Local businesses showcase a broad range of career opportunities such as: construction, manufacturing, health, environment, information technology and others. This event is hosted in partnership with local employers and educators. 

Career Pathways is a half day career event which features a motivational speaker, interactive career games and career exhibits. Grade 8 students see and discover a variety of careers and will gain an increased awareness of the skills, education and attitude required in different occupations. 

This year's 2018-2019 event will be held at the Hanlon Convention Centre, Guelph on Thursday, October 18th, 2018. 

why be an exhibitor and sponsor

  • Inspire the future workforce!
  • Invest in youth (and future workforce) of our region
  • Showcase your sector and local opportunities for fulfilling careers
  • Help youth understand the required skills and education needed for different careers
  • Showcase new technology and related jobs!
  • Face to face with potential volunteers, placements, or future employees!
  • Provide your staff or volunteers with an opportunity to educate and engage our youth
  • Network with other exhibitors representing education, business and community organizations

Information for schools

Registration for grade 8 classes is now open. 
Wondering why you should bring your students to Career Pathways Guelph-Wellington?

  • Explore many of the great careers available in Guelph/Wellington. 
  • Meet contacts with volunteer opportunities.
  • Gain insights on the many options available locally for training and other educational programs. 
  • Learn about programs offered at local high schools that can add value to their education. 
  • Learn about the value of exploring diverse opportunities for experiential learning such as tech courses, SHSM, OYAP, dual-credit, co-op and more. 
  • Learn about locla workforce trends and growing career sectors.